Madison Civil Rights Attorney

From police brutality and free speech infringement to race and sex discrimination, a variety of civil rights violations occur regularly in the state of Wisconsin. Victims feel powerless, but in reality, they have may available multiple options for recourse. As the victim of a civil rights violation, it would be wise for to consult with A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law about holding wrongful parties accountable.

First Amendment Representation

Under the First Amendment, you are entitled to freedom of speech and religion, plus the freedom to petition the government or assemble peacefully. The First Amendment also protects freedom of the press. If these freedoms are infringed upon, it’s in your best interest to seek justice with A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law on your side.

Police Misconduct and Excessive Force

Many law enforcement officials risk their lives daily to ensure a safe community. Some, unfortunately, abuse their position of power. Excessive force against Wisconsin’s defenseless is far from uncommon. Other police misconduct cases involve false arrest, in which the victim is detained without probable cause.

Standing up to wrongful law enforcement officials is by no means easy, but it’s important to deliver justice. A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law will thoroughly investigate your case and advocate on your behalf.

Race and Sex Discrimination

Have you been discriminated against on the basis of race or sex? A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law can help. The firm aggressively represents victims of discrimination in the workplace and in other contexts.

Prisoners’ Rights

Inmates enjoy certain rights, regardless of having been convicted of crimes. Inmates have a right to receive appropriate medical and mental health care. They also have the right to humane conditions, plus the right to complain about poor prison conditions. Inmates are not to be subjected to race discrimination while detained. If you or a loved one believe you have been deprived of these rights as an inmate, you are encouraged to seek recourse with a civil rights lawyer such as Steve Porter.

Why Steve Porter Is Your Ideal Advocate

The chair-elect for the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Civil Rights and Liberties Section (and former chair on three past occasions), Steve Porter is uniquely equipped to take on your current legal concerns. He understands the sensitive nature of civil rights cases, but also the need for zealous representation.

If you believe your rights have been infringed, you deserve quality representation from an esteemed Madison civil rights lawyer. Look to Steve Porter for aggressive representation and compassionate counsel. You will never regret standing up for your basic rights with a top Madison attorney at your side.