Numerous federal and state laws and regulations protect your rights as an employee. Negotiating with employers can nonetheless prove challenging, as can holding wrongful employers accountable. That's where A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law comes in. Skilled in all aspects of employment law, Steve Porter will fight for your best interests as a Wisconsin employee.  He is an excellent advocate to have in your corner.

Employment Discrimination

Some of Wisconsin's most notable employers mistreat their workers every day. Employment discrimination is particularly rampant. Upset by the prevalence of workplace discrimination and determined to defend Wisconsin's fine employees, Steve Porter takes on challenging legal matters. A respected Madison employment discrimination attorney, he fights on behalf of wronged employees and strives to hold problematic employers accountable.

Civil Rights

From police brutality and free speech infringement to race and sex discrimination, a variety of civil rights violations occur regularly in the state of Wisconsin. Victims feel powerless, but in reality, they have may available multiple options for recourse. As the victim of a civil rights violation, it would be wise for to consult with A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law to hold wrongful parties accountable.