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As a Wisconsin resident and as an employee, you deserve fair treatment, a safe work environment, and a range of rights protected in the Bill of Rights and federal, state and local discrimination laws. If your rights are infringed , you enjoy multiple options for recourse. A Steven Porter, Attorney at Law can help you hold problematic employers, law enforcement officials, and parties accountable for their misdeeds. The practice has a strong reputation in Madison and Wisconsin at large.

Service Areas

A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law conveniently located in Madison, Wisconsin., serves clients who live and work throughout the state of Wisconsin. Steve Porter boasts an impressive background as a Wisconsin attorney; he knows what it takes to favorably conclude local employment cases. His intimate understanding of local, state and federal employment laws makes him an excellent resource for complex cases.

Practice Areas

Steve Porter is committed to the best interests of employees throughout Wisconsin. As an employment lawyer, he holds employers accountable for FMLA and contract violations. His contract drafting and review services minimize the risk of clients giving up their rights in severance, non-compete, and trade secret agreements. Additionally, Steve Porter takes on complex cases involving civil rights violations and employment discrimination. He is a passionate advocate for Madison’s hardworking employees.

Legal Approach

A passionate defender of employees, Steve Porter believes in the power of quality representation to make Wisconsin a better place to live and work. His commitment is evident from the very first consultation. He is supportive, but also honest; he feels that clients benefit most when they are fully informed about their legal prospects. He pays attention to detail and he is thorough in all matters, whether it be the discovery process in litigation, uncovering key evidence or evaluating cases.

There should never be any doubt that your employment attorney has your best interests at heart. When you work with Steve Porter, you’ll receive aggressive representation from an attorney who truly cares about you and your loved ones. Zealous, detail-oriented, and caring, Steve Porter is the ultimate resource for civil rights and employment concerns.

If you demand exceptional representation from one of Madison’s finest law firms, contact A. Steven Porter, Attorney at Law today. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can deliver justice.